E-commerce Platform that Anyone Can Start Selling Easily, Without Any Upfront Fee

With PayTrack, you can focus on selling and do not have to worry about system integration and development. We have all the features you need to run your business, otherwise, we will develop for you.

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What You Will Get

PayTrack aims to bring exponential business growth to sellers, from micro to medium-sized, through building brand equity and automating business processes

Unique Shopfront

Your very own identity that set your brands apart from competitions, and even with your own domain

Instant Processing

From receiving payments, notifications, to creating invoices, the whole process is automated and instantaneous without any manual steps

Sales Team Management

Each of your sales person will get their own sales link, which effectively tracks their sales performance & commission. You can also easily convert any customer to a sales person


Zero Upfront Fees

It is completely free to host your online shop with PayTrack, no hidden fee guaranteed. Only a small platform fee is deducted from every successful transaction. It is a win-win & grow-together relationship.

Unlimited Access to All Features

Why choose between free and premium features on other platforms when you can have it all on PayTrack? You have unlimited access to all features and tools available in PayTrack without having to pay hefty monthly fees

Business Process Automation

Order processing is a tedious task, keeping customers update with the process is even more time-consuming. PayTrack is designed to set you free from these hassle. To name a few automations PayTrack does
- Auto send invoice & notifications to you and your customer upon new order
- Auto calculate the commission for each sales person in your team
- Auto calculate shipping fee

Ready Talents Pool

Access to PayTrack vast talents pool whenever you need a boost. From digital marketers, graphics designers, professional photographers etc, simply give PayTrack Partner a call


Everything you need - It's so easy

Unlike other platform where you need to pay for professional team to do the setup or go through the time-consuming process of applying for a payment gateway, PayTrack has get all these done for you, totally FREE OF CHARGE


Integrated Payment Processing

Once you've created an account with PayTrack, you can immediately receive customer's payment via FPX, credit cards and popular E-Wallet such as Touch'N'GO, Boost, etc. The entire process only takes 15 minutes or less.


Integrated Shipping Function

Your shop is connected with all popular courier service providers instantly, be it for dry or frozen delivery, or international shipment. Simply configure your product shipping information and you're good to go.


Integrated SEO & Advertising Function

PayTrack automatically do SEO optimization for your shop. What's more, PayTrack has a built-in advertisement methodology to attract potential buyers from Seller's account which complement your products or services offering.


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More Exciting Features


Integrated Marketing Tools

Integrate your PayTrack account with Facebook Pixel/Google Analytics account to gain insights to visitors shopping traits, and ride on PayTrack's expertise in SEO/SEM to gain exposure to potential customers

Broadcast New Offering via WhatsApp

Notify your customers about new products, services or upcoming promotions

Receive Instant Payment Notification

Both you and your customers will get instant notifications and payment proof, say good bye to manually checking order and payment statuses

Live Sales & Promotion

Send your live streaming sales link directly to potential customers and close deals instantly

Customisable Featured Product Page

Highlight your best-selling products and services with style!

Promotion & Voucher

Create time-limited promotions or vouchers to boost sales


Simplified Sales Team Management

Keep track of sales easily and push product update to every salesperson with single click

Sales Commission Report

Keep track of sales commissions and generate commission report with ease

All in One Sales Dashboard

Real time sales updates to keep you in control and adapt quickly to dynamic sales cycles

Accepts FPX, eWallet and Debit/Credit Cards

Getting paid has never been easier!

Automated Digital Invoice

Saves you hours from manually creating invoices for customers or accounts closing!


Inventory Control

Take charge of you inventories by managing stock availability individually

Instant WhatsApp Chat to Your Sales Team

Don’t miss out customers who come knocking!


Cater for Online Educators

Road to Success

Online educators who used PayTrack has free up themselves from manual chores and focus on sales, creating quality course contents, and allows more interactions with their students or followers

  • Dedicate sales activities to your assistant while maintaining control
  • Send your courses catalogue to students easily via a single link
  • Updates to your course offerings and descriptions will be immediately synced across to all your salespersons/assistants

Send News and Update with a Single Click

Easily broadcast notifications to everyone who has purchased your course to keep them inform what’s coming up next. Our broadcast service is tightly integrated with the students database to ensure no one will be missed out !

Automated Event Reminder

Reminders will be sent to students via WhatsApp and email prior to the event. More sophisticated reminder feature is already underway, stay tuned!


Zoom Integration Upcoming Feature!

Tired of creating invitation for every sign-up manually? We’re going to optimize your workflow. We’re open to features suggestion now, submit your wish list and your dream may come true in our next release.Email to [email protected]to participate in our collaboration program

Membership Upcoming Feature!

Membership subscription and management is one of the key revenues for many educators. PayTrack is looking for educators to collaborate in rolling out this module. You will get exclusive early access to this module by contributing ideas to our development. Email us at [email protected] to participate in our collaboration program


Cater for All Product Sellers

Sell Your Friend’s Product in Your Shop

Bundle your friend’s product and sell together with yours is one of the popular techniques to drive in new sales and followers. Get it done within a few clicks. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about it


Combined Shipping

Customer hates shipping fee, therefore waiving free shipping for bulk purchase is an effective way to encourage customer to buy more from your shop. Customers enjoy more savings while you achieve higher sales, it’s a win - win strategy!

Various Promotion Functions

PayTrack promotion system is highly flexible, which allow sellers to give away time-limited vouchers and align with on-going sales strategy, e.g. hunger marketing. Another great use case is giving out discount vouchers during a live stream.With PayTrack, you can launch a promotion or campaign with just a few clicks.


Shipment & Tracking

PayTrack offers seamless product shipments by partnering with popular delivery partners. More automation is currently under developments, please be sure to share with us if you’re currently facing challenges in shipping, and we want to help! Please email to [email protected]

Order Reminder Upcoming Feature!

Cart abandonment is the worst! Send reminders to your customers who added products to cart but forgot to place the orders. Reminders work wonders in minimizing cart abandonments while attracting customers attention back to your shop! Email us at [email protected] if you have other ideas!


Pricing Plan

We want to keep it real simple! PayTrack only charges a small fee for every successful transactions and nothing more, so you know that we’re determined to help you succeed!

Free Plan

  • 0% Fee
  • Suitable for free product or event
  • Enjoy all features (except 3rd party service)

Online Educator

  • No upfront cost
  • No maintenance fees
  • Lifetime free upgrade

Product Seller

  • No upfront cost
  • No maintenance fees
  • Lifetime free upgrade

* Transaction below RM5 is subject to a payment processing fee of RM1.00.

Profesional Services

Want to level up your poster or ads design? We're here to help. Choose from the plan below to quickly transform your online shop with beautiful graphic and design.

Starter Plan

  • 5 poster/ads design
  • Basic SEO
  • RM100 worth of Facebook ads credit

Growth Plan

  • 8 poster/ads design
  • Basic SEO
  • RM300 worth of Facebook ads credit

Pay and Go

  • Shop is setup by our professional team
  • 1 step-by-step guided training session
  • 1 logo design
  • 1 shop cover design
  • 3 products listing
    (photo-shooting, cover photo + copywriting)


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